Board of Review

The Board of Review consists of five (5) members and one or more alternate member(s) who are citizens of the city, none of whom can occupy any public office. The alternate member(s) act with full power whenever any of the five members are absent, refuse, recuse, or are otherwise unavailable to hear an objection.

One member is be appointed annually by the Mayor, subject to the confirmation of the City Council, for a term of five years.  The Mayor also appoints one alternate member for a term of five years subject to confirmation of the council, The Mayor may appoint and designate additional alternate members subject to the confirmation of the City Council. 

The City Clerk is charged with keeping an accurate record of all its proceedings.

Duties of the Board of Review

The duties, functions, and proceedings of the board of review are outlined in Sections 70.46 and 70.47, Wisconsin Statutes.

Meeting Schedule
The Board meets annually as prescribed by state statutes, and is noticed, published, and conducted pursuant to state statutes.

Staff Contact

  1. Debbie-Mason

    Debbie Mason
    City Assessor                         

    City Hall
    300 E. Main St.
    2nd Floor
    Sun Prairie, WI 53590       

    Hours   Monday - Friday     
    8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.    

    Phone:  608 825-1186    
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