Volunteer Appreciation

Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon
SPMC and the Public Library held the annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Wednesday, May 7. Don Hooser was awarded SPMC's Outstanding Dedication and Service. Kim Koss received the Mildred Thompson award from the Media Center and Library. We'd like to thank all our volunteers for all the work and time they put into Media Center.
Mildred Thompson Award
Kim Koss was honored by both the Sun Prairie Public Library and the Media Center with the Mildred Thompson Award. Kim plays a key role in the "Book n' It" run each year. She especially developed a marketing strategy for the annual run and used SPMC equipment and facilities in producing a PSA for the event each year.

Don Hooser Honored

Don Hooser started producing and hosting "City Talk" in 2002. "City Talk" is a public affairs program that features interviews with government official, city department heads and leaders in Sun Prairie. To date, he has produced over 100 hours of original content with "City Talk" programs.

Talk of the Town
In 2006, Don Hooser teamed up with Chris Mertes to produce and cohost the show "Talk of the Town", another public affairs program. Over the years they have interviews mayors, school officials and candidates vying for local political positions. To date he has produced over 140 hours of original content with "Talk of the Town" programs.

Various Programs
Don has been involved in other programs broadcast on KSUN, such as: Candidate Debates, Middle School City Government Day and numerous city meeting