Squad 5

Squad 5
Squad 5 is a 1999 American LaFrance Heavy Rescue based out of Station 1 serving both the townships and the City of Sun Prairie. The Squad holds no water, but instead brings a large assortment of tools and seats triple what an engine would. The Squad is used primarily for rehab, traffic accidents, and structure fires.

  • Seats: 12 (Operator, Officer, Ten Interior Firefighters)
  • Equipment:
    • Axes
    • Brooms
    • Cribbing
    • Extension cords
    • Gas and electric fans
    • Gas generators
    • Halligan bars
    • Holmatro extrication tools
    • MedFlight landing supplies
    • Mobile air compressor for bottle refills
    • Pike poles
    • Rapid Intervention Team items (including a 60-minute air cylinder for extending air supply, rope, tools, etc.)
    • Scene lighting
    • Several chainsaws
    • Shovels
    • Spare air bottles
    • Stokes basket
    • Vehicle stabilization ramps
    • Water bottles for rehabilitation
  • Replacement Cost: $575,000