Gun Locks

Gun Locks
An Open Letter to Our Community about Gun Safety

Dear members of the Sun Prairie and surrounding communities,

As law enforcement officers, we look at our communities through the lens of how we can ensure the safety of our citizens at all times possible - in all ways possible. It is with this mindset that the Sun Prairie Police Department and the Sun Prairie Area School District are partnering in a joint effort to educate residents on gun safety in the home and offering free firearm cable locks to gun owners in our community.

Following the tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut, the growing number of gun-related suicides in Dane County, and the very real possibility of accidental shootings in homes where children may be playing, we want to ensure gun owners in our community have access to free safety locks. The No. 1 cause of violent death in Dane County is suicide. We lose 50 - 70 people each year to suicide and many of these deaths could be prevented by the use of gun locks, which create a safer environment by giving people in crisis an opportunity to reflect and not make an impulsive decision.

The Sun Prairie Police Department has free cable locks available for pick up at the following locations:
  • City Hall Police Department
  • Westside Community Building Police Department
  • Sun Prairie Public Library
  • School District Office on Bird Street
If you are a gun owner and do not currently have a safety lock of some sort on your firearm, we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to help make your home and our community as safe as it can be. No ID or additional information is needed for pick up. In addition, you may pick up multiple locks.

We hope you will take advantage of this free firearm cable locks program. We appreciate your help in keeping Sun Prairie and our surrounding communities the safest they can be. If you have questions, please contact the Sun Prairie Police Department at 837-7336 or via the department's contact us form on this website.


John Welke
Conservation Warden, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Vice President, Sun Prairie School Board

Patrick Anhalt
Chief of Police, Sun Prairie Police Department